Java Edition Locks Out Old Accounts In March

In 2020, the developers announced a major update for Minecraft: Java Edition. Players will soon have to change their Mojang account to a Microsoft account to continue playing. Although it's still an interminable time, the developers have confirmed the date and made the final invitation for account migration.

You will no longer have the ability to play Minecraft: Java Edition if you have an account with Mojang account. To "improved Minecraft vanilla servers " the developers would like everyone to switch to Microsoft accounts. They offer free Minecraft caps to encourage users to switch.

You can find all details on how to migrate your account here. Java Edition will be supported as normal following the change, and will remain an independent entity from Bedrock. This is simply a reunification of the account system. You'll be able to keep your old username, too - you'll just need to have an Xbox gamertag to go with it.

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